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About me

Embarking on a journey from the lively streets of Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, India, my story is one of resilience and aspiration. Raised in simplicity, where resources were scarce and dreams often seemed distant, I learned the value of perseverance early on. I vividly recall the days when continuing my education seemed an insurmountable challenge due to our financial constraints. Yet, it was my mother’s unwavering support and belief in the power of learning that propelled me forward. She would borrow textbooks from neighbors, weaving a tapestry of knowledge from the pages that others had turned.

Today, as I navigate the halls of the prestigious UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School, pursuing my MBA with a focus on Finance, Energy & Sustainability, I often reflect on those formative years. I am the first in my family to enter the corporate world, the first to work overseas, breaking barriers and setting new horizons. The pride and responsibility I carry with me are not simply for personal accolades but as a beacon for my family, who entrusted me with their dreams, seeing in me a pioneer.

With an illustrious 8-year tenure in the energy and sustainability sector, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with some of the sharpest minds in the industry. As a lead planner at Schneider Electric, my days were a blend of innovation and service, delivering landmark projects in the Middle East. This experience has honed my ability to navigate the complex terrains of business, strategizing for sustainable growth.

I am a challenger of the conventional, always seeking inventive solutions to intricate problems. There’s a certain delight I find in the labyrinth of learning, the web of networking, and the joy of aiding others. Success tastes sweet, but even the rare bitterness of failure is a flavor I welcome, for it teaches resilience.

My passion lies in contributing to the energy sector, particularly in the nuances of Energy Finance and the grand narrative of the Energy Transition. As a first-generation student, my purpose is to impart the wisdom I’ve gained at UNC Kenan-Flagler through my blog. It’s more than just a platform; it’s a gateway for the youth to step into the industry and drive the energy revolution.

This is more than my story; it’s a pledge to light the way for others, just as my mother did for me, turning every challenge into a stepping stone towards a future where education is a right, not a privilege, and where energy sustains not just homes, but dreams and aspirations.